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My journey with the camera started with observing birds and little critters. I still look up to photography as a tool for me to better understand the world and as a medium convey my emotions.


For the longest time, I remember using a small point and shoot, to observe birds and insects from my balcony. So it was very natural for me to start shooting wildlife after progressing to a basic DSLR camera.

I don't quiet remember when I started doing street photography, but I have often questioned my motivation or reasons behind doing it. That led me to explore other aspects like documentary photography. I have volunteered with Jan Swastha Sahyog in Bilaspur, Chhatisarh. This experience taught me a lot about photography and most importantly brought me face to face with the realities in the rural heartland of India.

Dedicated photography has continued along-side my consulting work and I have got back to the reasons why I started using the camera in the first place - understanding nature. I have collaborated with botanists, environmentalists and citizen scientists in documenting rare and endemic flora and fauna.

Every year I make trips to different parts of the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, to document the endemic flora and fauna. I have also developed an interest in documenting bats in their habitat and I traveled to Uttarakhand to volunteered with a bat ecologist to learn more about these fascinating creatures.

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