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I am involved in inter-disciplinary research related to climate change, urban biodiversity, mapping, identification and survey of rare and endemic flora-fauna, environmental education, open source mapping and citizen science initiatives.


I have romanticized research for the longest time but over the years have also grown to respect the dedication and focus it involves and the role it plays in a persons development.

As part of academic research I have been lucky to be a part of several projects on biodiversity, urban development and climate change. Research undertaken as part of academics include:
1. Designing Inclusion– Developed and presented, strategies for Inclusive housing and ecological urbanism to combat effects of climate change, to vulnerable coastal communities in Guayaquil, Ecuador

2. Assessing the relation between Urbanization and the changes in Mangroves: The Case of
Mumbai Metropolitan Region– Carried out a change detection study of mangrove area for three decades and developed a framework of assessing linkages between change in area of mangroves and urbanization.

3. “Geodesic Domes-Analysis, Design & their application in low cost housing”: As part of group
Course work, my final year project for BE-Civil Degree assessed the use of geodesic design as a disaster resistant low-cost housing structure.

As part of my on-going research I am currently working on:

1. Documentation of endemic, ephemeral monsoon flora of the western ghats and coastal edges in Maharashtra
2. Species distribution modelling for inter-tidal crab species, insectivorous and frugivorous bat species.

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