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A bad day…

What makes a day bad? What are the essential ingredients, mixed in precise measured quantities under appropriate conditions of pressure and temperature, that are the recipe for a horrible day?I wouldn’t know. I just know the feeling you get at the bottom of your stomach when you feel your little carved out security is jeopardized and things are slowly inching towards disaster making every moment worst than the one before. The feeling is even worse when your body starts showing signs of fatigue even though the day is just getting started.

A day starts off as normally as any other, giving no signs of the devastation lying minutes or hours away from that perfect morning. An e-mail (that you forgot to check yesterday) can trigger the dissent, or just a passing remark by a friend (that actually should’t have affected you). The source of distress is most probably rooted in the workplace of your guilt ridden mind.

In such hours of misery, even the most harshest of human suffering seem less compared to the situation that you are in. Is it just me or the whole world gives so much time to thinking about or worrying about things that will hardly make a difference to his or her life?

The thought of escape is the first thing that enters the heads and drives us crazy. But, such situations often trigger the creative juices to flow, rupturing the barge of a creative block. The spontaneous outflow of such emotions is what I have captured in this post. If you felt this post made a difference then I am surprised, but for the majority who felt it is useless here are a few lines to help(self-help book style).

‘I am down but not out. This day will be over and tomorrow I will be ready to make newer mistakes and face more challenges. Everyday is a brand new world. Learn to face adversity head-on’.

Looking forward to better days…..

I asked aloud in office, “How do you define a bad day?” and got this video as a reply!

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