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a double life


It’s not easy living a double life, Within oneself it’s like a strife….

It’s hard to improve your situation If you feel you lack the tools to do so.

It becomes easier to drag your body… Being numb and moving with the crowd…. yet trying to find your way aimlessly.

So what if you don’t want to be a cliché? You are either alone or your one of them.. Either ways you are a stranger in the crowd.

You get into a monotonous rhythm… it is difficult to break, difficult to escape, It keeps rolling you in its swell…

The tide takes you in, spins you around, takes you for a ride, until you realize that you haven’t moved an inch!

Trying to escape but making sure you don’t… There is nothing much you can do.. You either rise above or drown in the swell!It is not easy living a double life

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