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Adieu dear friend…..

Speed, Fast and the Furious, 2Fast2Furious(say it fast without a pause)- No I am not making a list of super-paced action flicks, but those of you who are from CEPT know who I’m talking about! For those of you who don’t, let me give you an brief and swift introduction to this Casanova! Here goes…..

A sturdy and healthy looking lad from the hills (not too different from Funsook Wangdoo of Three Idiots) who we never call Neepjyoti Das (we will call him Neep here, but lets just say he is called by the name given to a certain body part that all mammals on this planet have!), has been my room mate for the past three years. And three years have gone by fast.

Why the obsession with speed? Well you could just say that Speed is Neep’s middle name. He moves, talks, works, bathes, all as if, in a single breathe! Its as if he is carrying a ticking time bomb that he reprograms just before its about to blow! This Urban Planner is actually a Planner in literal terms! Planning everything in advance, not only for himself but even for others who are with him!

He’s been responsible for the variety of meat I have consumed at some of the best eateries in the Old city(that’s on the other side of the Sukhi nadi-Sabarmati!). He is also our very own Master Chef(My other room mate is the regular chef and I’m the well, the Intern!) dishing out the most amazing Dal, Paneer Matar, Chicken curry and the inventor of our very own Lemon Tea(strong with extra sugar and lemon for my other roomie!).

In a way he has been an inspiration, introducing me to new books, authors and brilliant movies that have helped me shape my opinions and choices. Always on a different track than everyone else in the room, his unmatched perspective and casual, practical intelligence never cease to impress me(Cool and hot in a single package!).

As I now write this, memories rush past me, memories of the time we spent in our hostel room; memories of our trip to Ladakh and more recently the one year spent after starting work in Ahmedabad.

Neep is now ready to leave many things behind and go back to his home in Assam, though not alone but engaged! I wish the couple good luck for this new journey and hope that all their dreams come true!

Finally a warning note to all the wild and domesticated animals of Assam, its time you migrated to a safer place (In short BHAGONN!!).

Cheers and God Bless!

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