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Back on my feet again…

Sometimes it just so happens that some wounds take time healing. No wonder how much ever you try, that piece of bone jutting out of your flesh refuses to give in. You have to deal with it. Eventually it will give in if you want it to. You will limp for a few days, but surely its just the warm-up for the run that follows. Much like this limping post I have written.

Its all about getting back on your feet. Letting the world know that I might be down, but I am not out. There is still a fight left in me. The world gives one blow after another and you keep taking it in… waiting. You wait for it to get tired and helpless, of watching you rise to your feet again(like Rocky Balboa ). That is when I will begin my attack. I will go under and surprise you with my blows, leave you thinking, from where I got all the energy. So let me limp today, I wont lay back and wait for my wounds to heal. Let me limp today and show the world, I still have enough of a fight left in me. I have enough to say and talk about.

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