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Dadar flower Market

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Rohit Pansare Photography

As people wake up to alarms across Mumbai, the markets are already buzzing with activity. Hot tea is served to vendors, on their way to open their shops big and small. The Dadar flower market is a blur of activity. Located on the western side of the Dadar railway station, this is a high energy place and an absolute delight for photographers.


A women prepares good luck charms by sewing together handful of green chilies, a lemon and a black figurine. Her primary customers are the shop-owners with small shanties to huge showrooms in malls. It is believed to ward of evil spirits..

A riot of vivid colors and smells pulled you in. Morning walkers, office goers, business owners get their morning fix of saturated tea, fruits or breakfast for the day and ofcourse their morning dose of news here...

A newspaper vendor stacks the morning dailies to be delivered door to door.

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