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Free your mind !

A free mind is a brilliant thing. When at its peak, free thinking gives a adrenaline rush to the system. It’s almost like floating in empty space with no apparent end, no visible horizon. Once you get addicted to it there is no looking back.

So now the question arises, what do you do to get a free mind? Can I get it from the counter no. X of the Y mall? You can try looking. These days, anyways, anything from diaper to cars is easily available and that too in installments at a mall near you!

Now, here’s my guide to a free mind….just one word ….W A L K !!

It’s the most brilliant activity that we so unconsciously indulge in everyday(or used to indulge in everyday, for some!) and yet, never realise its importance. Your feet move in a rhythm that synchronizes with your swaying arms, beating heart and pulsating veins. With every step our feet float above the ground weightless for a split second, as if to mock the gravity acting on them, but coming down to meet it, as if to say we are one with this earth! Your whole body breathes deeper and feels better as you walk longer

That doesn’t mean the mind is without fear but rather its free to experience fear when it wants. A closed system which remains unaffected by external influences but at the same time which moulds itself into what it desires when it desires and the way it desires. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t walk that much. A typical weekday starts with me walking(rather running) to the bus stop, taking the bus to office, walking again(rather slowly) towards the office, after I get down from the bus. This repeats in the evening, so I would say I walk for about an hour(make that 2, so I feel better) everyday. That’s horrible! Wait, did I just make you realise, that you aren’t any better than me?

Feeling heavy? Well, Take a walk!!

P.S: Now that you have mentally accepted the above post as the truth and decided to take a walk, tell me if you can find a safe place to walk in your city(the only place you can take a safe walk in Ahmedabad is in a car!).

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