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Me myself and the universe

I am what I am…

I’ve been wanting to come back home more often these days. I wonder why though. Sometimes it feels as though time just fly’s by and you just miss out on certain things in life. You just hope sometimes that time just stopped in its tracks. Better still sometimes you want to go back in time. If that’s not enough then you want to redo things that you felt you did wrong.

In the past few years time has been kind to me…Its stopped when I wanted it to, it’s paced when I didn’t feel I could take it any longer. I’ve realized that our time changes with the choices we make. Well its quite obvious isn’t it, in fact it’s so obvious that we forget. Our choices made consciously or subconsciously have a bearing on our future.

So if someone gave me the power to change something in my past I’d say no thank you!

I am what I am because of the choices I’ve made.I have no regrets. I believe there’s just two people who can affect my “time”- me myself and the universe.

But I wouldn’t worry about the latter;the universe is too busy doing other things!

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