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Men at work

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I have always enjoyed taking pictures of people in their element. Often at work it becomes easy to shoot candids. Here however, you might see a lot of pictures where people were aware of me shooting and still didn't mind. Sometime you need to make a choice between communicating with people you are trying to shoot or just quickly getting that image and moving on.

These images were made in Ahmedabad and Mumbai as part of my project 365. I was posting an image everyday. This series is about men at work...

A lot of folks start pretty young, honing their skills or just trying to help out at home.

While others have no option but to sell balloons that other children of their age would enjoy playing with.

At the other extreme some folks don't have any option than to work well into their old age. I remember my grandmother who used to keep complaining that she has nothing to do. Her generation doesn't know liesure like us, I guess.

A professional knife-sharpener, such sights are very uncommon these days. This image always reminds me that you can get a second shot at things even if you are a blunt knife.

I love shooting in black and white. It's almost as if the light starts talking. There are no distractions or colors jumping at you.

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