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Project 365: Day 44, Keeping traditions alive


Keeping traditions alive..

Walking along the silent streets of the old city of Ahmedabad, cross the Lal Darwaja that’s bathed in orange street lights now. Crossing the closed doors of the Jama Masjid you turn right into Manek chowk which is now buzzing with street food lovers. A vendor plays old  film music near the entrance of the chowk. But it is not this that stops you dead in your tracks. If you can make it there precisely between 6:30-7:00PM in the evening or 11:00-11:30PM in the night then you can hear a Shehnai(traditional Indian wind instrument) and the Naubat (traditional drums). Follow the rhythm, turning right towards the Badshah no Hajiro also known as Ahmed Shah‘s Roja, a mausoleum for the male members of the Royal family.  At the gate of the Hajiro, now the music is directly above you, If you ask around, you will know that a narrow staircase  accessed through a small doorway leads you to a balcony above the gate. Stay there listening to these traditional musicians for a while cause you might be the only one there. Their families have kept this tradition alive for over 600 years…

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