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Setting sun in a rainy month

Scene of the setting sun on a day in a rainy month is a sight to behold. If your’e lucky then it doesn’t rain and the clouds are just lined up on the horizon.

As the sun gets ready to dive, the clouds take their turn, one by one, playing the game of hide and seek. The soft rays of the sun join in, illuminating the soft cottony mass of clouds with warm light. The sun keeps peeking through the gaps of this cottony mass, blinding at times and at times soothing. The edges of these clouds get lit up with golden light and streaks of light filter through, bursting out from the seams.

The sun is dying out but not without a fight as the clouds try to calm him down and divert his energy. The sky slowly turns dull and the blue is replaced by the gray as large heavy clouds rumble into position as if to wake up the earth from a trance and drench it with much needed drops of life.

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