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The Sunflower…

How long have we known each other? Not for long, is it?

But we have known each other well.

You have been a real friend to me.

The best one among the many I have had every day.

We have risen together every morning, you following my every move.

I must say, dedication like yours is rare.

We have spent drowsy evenings conversing with the air.

I have given a part of my life to you and you have given a part too.

Who would have thought this day would come?

Maybe the fault was partly mine…

Maybe I led you on.

But believe me, my heart is pure, and hurting you is not, for what I was here.

With a heavy heart I have let you go, knowing you may never know, I cared, and how.

It is sad it has come to this now..

As you shrivel now, with sadness or fulfilment I know not.

I can’t promise you, but I shall try my best to dry your tears and help you bury the past…

I hope one day you will let go, let my friend, the rain, nourish the seeds that we helped create.

I shall wait for the day when you shall be reborn once again like the phoenix from the very ground on which you lie today…

 We shall be friends again that day and sway with the breeze, rise together, laugh off the past pain.

For whatever I might be to some, to you I will be a light for life.

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