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The thing about writing…

The thing about writing is that you never know when you might get the urge. Its like one moment your flushing the toilet and something comes out (pun not intended). But its always good to write, put pen on paper, fingers on the keyboard, thumbs on the phone keys. It relieves a lot of stress.

But sometimes you want to write so badly and nothing comes out. Theres this empty hollow feeling. You feel its not in you to make something happen. Something so simple like putting your thoughts down. At such times an experience, an interaction with someone or even a silent cup of tea in an remote corner of some place does the trick.

And sometimes…THUD…you hit a wall, like the one I hit now. What am i writing? Is it making sense? Will people read it? What will they say? Will they like the stupid joke I cracked in the first line? ooof(sigh) So many questions about people. Its as if I am writing for them and not for me. Well I am. I want to know what people like. I want to know how to crack better jokes. I want to be free…(another song by Queen that blasted in my mind…sorry for the interruption). That is for what we are here for, to interact (I love acting by the way, someone please give me some role in a play or a movie…) !.

So I end this with a prayer.

‘I thank thee lord, for thy precious gift, thy brain is working fine and I am taking good care of it. Thy helpers-my friends keep it well oiled, and help it to rest when it needs. Hope thy light shines on them all and me-like it hath all along. I know your watching, so I await your ‘LIKE’ on thy own fb. Give me, thy humble servant, the stage to write and to interACT better, after I leave thy own CEPT”

– Thy humble servant

PS: My notes are getting bigger…Thanks man…I mean LORD, I thank thee…!! _/\_

Empty lab on a Sunday Morning…

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