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Finally a brick from the wall crumbles and a brilliant light pours out from within, soothing his senses, bringing a train of memories and voices, voices of laughter, at first soft and then growing louder as they approach the brick wall. He stares with awe at the steady flow of whiteness from within, then he sees them! The white emptiness is replaced by a pair of eyes now, beautiful eyes, and then they speak to him. “What took you so long?”, he hears the voice from within and then they disappear. Slowly getting up, like a child taking it’s first steps, he walks towards the wall and peeks within.

There is no whiteness within, but a forest is visible, as he peers through it, trying to make sense of what he is feeling. It is a vast and densely wooded place, free, with no master. It bows to no one and stops at nothing to achieve its sole purpose- to grow.

— in Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

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