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Children at Play 2: Learning to Cartwheel…

Waiting at the railway station, I bought a few magazines from bookstore and found a quite corner to spend the next 2 hours. I was earlier than required for the train. That’s when I noticed 2 children, shabbily dressed, with dirt all over (like all children ought to be) them merrily rolling on the floor. They seemed like siblings, an elder sister and a brother. The younger one was doing cartwheels, and the girl was begging him to teach her how it’s done. She tried, but failed every time. I was amused to watch them and was reminded of the time I learned cartwheeling. That was however in school, in a protected environment with people to guide me. These little kids had no care in the world. The world was their playground. I could never do something that they were doing here. They were truly free, underprivileged maybe, yet free!

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