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Masjid Bandar Market

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Just outside the Masjid railway station of Mumbai a different drama unfolds. walking or just standing in one place is almost impossible. People, cars, carts, trucks all moving in different directions. People carrying unimaginable loads can be seen here. They are mostly migrants, often young boys, doing hard labour.

The cargo from ships is unloaded at the dock and brought to wholesale dealers here. Here a team of young gritty labourers work round the clock, moving goods to be transported.


I happened to reach there in the afternoon and found it tricky to isolate subjects in such a busy environment. But the crowd also provided me anonymity , allow me to take time and frame my subjects. Traffic jams were the norm here but some workers decided to use that to take a much needed break.

Being near the fishing port many of the shops specialised in nets and other fishing equipment. The entire market was locked in a traffic jam with trucks carrying goods to the docks.

Through the maze of stranded vehicles, peoples and porters, this crew of 3 navigated carrying the heavy metal plates on their shoulders and crying out in unison for the crowd to part and give them way.

Suddenly as it started drizzling I hid in a small shop selling knick-knacks and fortunately umbrellas.

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