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Practice makes the Dhobi(Laundry guy)!

Ironing is an endless conflict almost like being in a relation with a girl(I’m straight so don’t ask me about the other orientations)! Its not necessary that every time the same strategy (which starts with a Sorry and ends with an I love you) will work! There are a million other factors that come into play like, how long it took you to realise your mistake(how long the shirt was lying under a pile of other clothes?), or how sorry are you actually feeling( Is the iron hot enough?), or were you actually listening to her? (your eyes were following some skimpily clad creature) ?  Finally you end up either burning yourself or your shirt!

If you have little ironing(dating) experience behind you(lets call you a novice) then you may even plot a graph of time required to iron(time spent with a girl) v/s quality of ironing(relationship). At first it may seem that both are directly related. So the novice will spend a good 10 minutes on a shirt which seems to have been run over by a herd of elephants! End result? Nada! Zilch! Zero!!!Then it hits you, as you pass the Dhobi, in front of your society gate, you see him sprinkling water on the dried clothes. That’s the secret ingredient then huh? Next day you try it on  other clothes(dates) and voila! The shirt is stiff in 5 minutes(pun not intended)! The novice looks at his work proudly and shows it off too! But wait, this story doesn’t have a happy ending(Ironing/dating never does!).

I was lucky I didn’t have to go through all this, my room-mate explained a thing or two about ironing(not dating), and I still ended up with road-kills! All you novices don’t lose heart cause at the end of the tunnel, there is always light! A light of hope called practice! So however clichéd it may sound, practice makes perfectly ironed clothes! 

In short practice makes the dhobi who he is!

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