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Project 365: Day 2, Walk through the old city

It has been raining continuously since yesterday in Ahmedabad and my plans to go for the Heritage walk in the morning were washed away due to this. Never the less a friend and I decided we would go for the Night heritage walk that’s conducted by the House of MG. So armed and ready to shoot we reached early to enquire about the Night Heritage walk. A smart-looking gentleman greeted us. Dressed in traditional clothes a contrast to my dull cargos with faded knee caps, a military style waist pack and a grey T-shirt. After scanning us from head to toe he declared the cost the tour and quickly reminded us that since it was raining the tour might or might not take place. Plus it was not exactly a walk, rather more of a shuttle service which would involve a car taking us from one place to another. He asked us if we would be staying for dinner and we politely declined.

Finally we decided to spend are time stuffing chicken down our throats at a nearby restaurant. Which was followed by a delightful walk through the old streets near Lal Darwaza. The rain had brought the temperature down and the empty streets lit up with the yellow street lights created a soothing atmosphere. The streets near Lal darwaza, full hustle bustle in the day when informal shops lineup on both the sides selling everything from underwear to kitchen wares, were now barren. At Manek chowk the party was just getting started with food stalls ready to receive customers well into the night. Old houses on both the sides of the narrow poorly lit back alleys almost looked haunted. Our walk ended with a nice cup of tea at the New Lucky restaurant.

For the second day of my assignment I leave you this image..


A quiet corner for friends….Not so long ago I remember walking on the silent streets with a friend talking about life, studies and relationships. This reminds me of those days. Miss you dear friend….

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