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Project 365: Day 47, Golden Grasslands of Velavadar


Like a painting…

The golden grass swaying in the breeze as if in a trance.I imagine myself lying in the grass as the sun warms me and Harriers circle above. At a distance something stirs in the grass, two eyes appear and disappear. The Jungle cat is on the prowl. A family of Blue Bulls suddenly becomes alert. It is not the cat but the wolf they fear, seen on the horizon looking for his next kill. Twisted antlers of the male Black buck break the monotony of the grass, as they graze, occasionally glancing above the grass .  Not far away tucked away safe in a den, underground, a family of hyena waits for night fall. Harriers, the incredible winter visitors, master predators fly low on the grassy plains and swooping in on grasshoppers and insects. For us it would be like picking a needle from a hay stack. I am at Velavadar, land of the golden grasslands!


A Black buck stands alert..

This artificial park located about 60 km from Bhavnagar is a heaven for avian enthusiasts and has come to be a special place for me. This was my second visit to the place, and just another one-day tour with Bike N Hike. Sometimes a day is not just enough. A start with amazingly delicious sandwiches for breakfast, courtesy Catherene, I say, well begun is half done! Followed by several amazing spottings including 3 monitor lizards, photography tips and sharing of quirky field experiences you can’t really ask more in a day.

Once again Vipul Ramanuj, Catherene Christian and their Bike N Hike team served an experience to cherish.

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