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Project 365: Day 55, Just a kid


Portrait of a child.. Click the photo above to follow me on Facebook…

So forgot my camera today. The day this happens, I always end up missing it the most. Late as usual, I took a share cab to my office.

A mother and son were seated in front of me. For the mother, it was nothing new, but the child continued to look around interestingly. Wish all of us stayed like when we were kids. Interested in every little detail, in how the sun cast shadows on the window or how a fly trapped banged against the glass trying to escape, observing people, their expressions and every little sound that the car made.

I can’t stay without amusing children, so started making faces at him. I always do this when some child looks at me, just to keep him or her interested.

Started reading Janaki Lenin’s “My husband & other animals”, which is delightful by the way, and at the same time secretly took this portrait with my android phone (HTC Desire V). Edited with the Snapseed app.

(Err……most of what I have written might not be related. It is not a story , just a list of events and experiences.)

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