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Project 365: Day 76, Stalking a stalker..


Stalking a stalker-A Jungle Cat, outskirts of Jamnagar

This little beauty was crossing the road on the first day of our Jamnagar trip. Our experienced guide quickly reacted telling us keep driving as the Jungle cat disappeared in the bushes again. Parking our bikes a little distance ahead, we waited in silence. The feline reappeared back on the dirt road, coolly turning to glance at us and then walking on. We followed silently, trying not to make any noise and moving on the edge of the road few feet behind it. Those few minutes walking behind the this little predator were exciting. Every few minutes it would switch sides or abruptly stop and glanced back at us. We shadowed it’s every move, we stop when it stopped, changed paths when it did. Finally after walking a considerable distance it jump in the bushes nearby and never reappeared….

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