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Project 365: Day 77, A Study in Pink..


A study in Pink..

Flamingo!…even the name has a ring to it! If you wish to see these magnificent birds, up close then Jamnagar is the place to be! Some of the best places to watch them might be the filthiest places you can come across in the city. Photographing without any disturbance to the birds calls for application of stealth and patience. There is adequate amount of crawling required, the kind in which your whole body needs to be dragged on the ground, avoiding filth, faeces and other forms of rubbish. All this needs to be done silently, synchronised in slow motion! In the middle of one such crawl, I realised I had forgotten to reinsert the memory card in my camera(eccentric me)! I had to crawl back to get the card and crawl back out to the spot. So before you ask a photographer(or me) which Camera or lens we used, please ask us how we made the picture. Thank you !

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