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Romancing the Royals: Part 1

There’s a specific quality about cities that makes tourist attracted to them. Most often it is the architecture, heritage and history that pulls tourists towards them. As these qualities are marketed and promoted over the years the city becomes a tourist hub where everyone is into the tourism business. I felt this as I was walking through the streets of the city of lakes. Beautiful city to my eyes with extremes of classes with beggars on the street to the Maharajahs driving golf carts in their exquisite palaces. But then the situation here is no different from any other historical city in India.

Another of my one day outings, I must say, travelling alone has its own benefits. For starters you make your own plans and secondly you have no one to blame but yourself if they don’t workout! I started late in the morning, still recovering from a hangover, but determined to explore the city and leave by night fall. My first stop was to be the City Palace that is at the heart of the city on the bank of Lake Pichola. The walk from my hotel located near the main interstate bus depot was comfortable and I was using the faithful Google Maps on my Android to find my way, occasionally asking for directions.

Walking around the city often you are treated to unexpected treats. The Vintage & Classic Car Collection, The Palace Udaipur was one such surprise. The well maintained collection is housed in the former Mewar State Motor Garage which also has the Garden Hotel inside its premises. Some notable gems from the collection included 1946 Buick, Cadillacs, 1934 Rolls Royce Phantom II, 1959 Morris, 1930- Ford and 1961 Austin.

Out of the museum thoroughly satisfied I stopped for breakfast just across the museum. I was treated with the most tasty Stuff Patato Parathas(Indian stuffed Bread) at a shop run by two brothers. After stuffing myself to my heart’s content I bid adieu to them and continued my walk towards the City Palace.

So my day in Udaipur was started thus and well begun is half done, I  say….!

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