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Well of the enlightened…

As I explored the the sandstone structures, myths and mythology emerged. The rough walls were carved with numerous stories. The idols were as if shaped with love, much like how god would have carved us from the earth.

You can’t help but gape with awe as you  descend into the well, which seems more like a palace in ruins. The base of pillars lie in the middle of the stairs, suggesting that once these were adorned by a roof and possibly another level or floor. The series of pillars give a new meaning to depth. If could stand in the middle of the well and look either side, it would seem as though you were standing between to parallel mirrors. With such  precision  these chambers and levels have been cut from stone! Rock pigeons have made this their home and now zoom above your head. Nearer to the well you can hear the bats squeaking and the smell of dampness and darkness fills your senses.

An exploration through pictures of a step well, Rani ni vav at Patan, Gujarat located about 105 Km from Ahmedabad in Mehsana District of Gujarat.

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